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Local Call Girl in Vagator

  • Local Call Girl in Vagator
Price : Price On Call
Type : Escort Service
Date : January 30, 2020
Location : vagator beach

Hi, I’m Lily πŸ™‚ I am a local call girl in Vagator which is offering escort experience to sexy men. Little about me:

I love being positive, encouraging, and optimistic as I think that type of energy is contagious. I’m very punctual and reliable (my “on time” is usually early). I seem to have a gift for cleaning and organizing and have been able to help many friends and family with that skill. I tend to be a planner and am usually the one in the group that is voted to make reservations, itinerary, and set up vacation plans. I guess with my personality it was just a natural fit to fall into a corporate background in the Administrative Assistant world.

I absolutely love children and also animals. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my two Husky dogs (who are beyond loved and spoiled), working with children in need, volunteering, spending time with family and friends, exercising, going to the movies (movie theater popcorn is my weakness- love it), going to church and Bible studies, and relaxing at home watching a show, reading a book, or practicing the piano.

I have two sisters and I’m the middle child. I think that has helped me relate to others and see things from multiple perspectives. I think it has also contributed to me being a pretty balanced person. I try to live life to the fullest, am very passionate, and driven. Yet, I love to sleep in on a Saturday morning when given the chance. I also do a lot of cooking and meal prepping at home, but have no problem going out to eat once a week or whenever the occasion arises. I enjoy going out to new places, going out to the regular go-to places and also hanging out at home.

I would love to meet someone who has similar values and goals- Love God, love people, works on bettering themselves, tries to be a light in the world, is passionate, hard-working, trustworthy, thoughtful, silly, and wants to have a family.

Recently single (as of last year) from a 10+ year relationship to my high school sweetheart. I’m not afraid of working hard, learning and applying each other’s love language, being a good communicator, compromising, forgiving, and remembering to try and always love to the fullest. I go the extra mile and fight deeply for those I care about. I think my previous relationship was a very rare one that is probably hard for others to relate to (against recommendations of pastors and counselors I stayed and tried everything imaginable to make that relationship healthy and flourish- to no avail). However, I truly try and look at all of my life experiences in a positive way (no exception to that one) and find the things that I can be thankful for (things I was able to learn from others, opportunities I was able to teach others, and moments that helped me grow as a person and also discover things about myself).

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