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Foreign Escorts in Goa

Who is a Foreign Escort?

A foreign escort is a person who is not the national citizen of the country in which he/she is residing or staying temporarily. In other words, foreigner escorts are non-permanent sex workers that offer sexual service for a limited period of time. Since they do not hold permanent residency, they often travel to various parts of the world to seek clients.

How to find Foreign Escorts in Goa?

 Goa has always been a favorite working spot for many foreigner escorts around the world. Not only you can find high class sexy female foreign escorts from China, Europe, New Zealand, Spain, but there are lots of Russian escorts in Goa who offer escort service to local Indians.

Unlike cheap escorts, these beautiful call girls have high-class status. They maintain high ethical standards and obey orders that their clients give them. If you are looking to hire a foreign escort in Goa, then you have come to the right place.

Above are some adult classified ads from some of the most beautiful escorts and foreign call girls in Goa. You can filter these ads based on the nationality and location of these sexy girls. A word of caution: there are no registered foreign escorts agencies in Goa that provide foreign escorts service. So, carefully examine the classified ads and choose the ones that are advertised only by independent Goa escorts and call girls.

What type of services you can get from foreign Goa escorts?

Generally speaking, there are various types of services offered by foreigner escorts. But to keep things easy to understand, we have listed some of the most prominent types of services as advertised by foreign escorts in Goa down below:

Body Massage

After hustling through a hectic day at work, there is nothing more relaxing than getting a full body massage. The soft hands of women are more than able to lower the level of anxiety, stress, and muscle strain in your body. There are various types of body massages that you can get from your escort. Some of the widely known types of body massages are Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Tantric sex massage, essential oil massage, Deep tissue massage, etc.


Although there are many types of electronic entertainment available, people still feel lonely at times in this fast pacing world. Foreign escorts offer faithful company to their clients that help them escape from loneliness and depression. You can enjoy candlelight dinner at a restaurant, enjoy a sunset at one of the beautiful Goa beaches, or shake a leg at trans party. There are endless possibilities of making your stay more enjoyable with a foreigner escort.

Sexual Intimacy

Feeling horny lately? Satisfy your physical hunger for sex with a beautiful female foreign escort. These immigrants are no less than Pornstars. Get erotic striptease, seductive lap dance, and blowjob to fulfill your sex fantasies. While some of the elite escorts offer threesome, others are flexible with just anal sex.